We started our journey back in 1999 when visiting some friends in sunny Bahrain. We were both seduced by the place and just felt that after running restaurants in Canada we could give it a go and try opening one here. It was a big move but the adventure seemed so exciting!

A few months later we landed back here with one luggage each and a book full of our own tried and tested recipes. We set our hopes on a small spot on Budaiya highway and worked morning to night to set-up our business. The success was immediate and most of our early customers still visit regularly. In June 2011 our restaurant was completely demolished by an accidental fire, the blow was hard. As you probably know, we decided to rebuild and we are now in Saar, in Nakheel Center and we are very proud of our brand new restaurant. 

We added a delivery service that allows you bring Luigi's home. Buon appetito!

Luigi's Restaurant

Fresh home cooked Italian food​​

Our Story